Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (CD)

Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (CD)

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Release Info: October 28, 2016
Format: Compact Disc
Genre: Punk Rock
Country of Origin: England

Track Listing:
1. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
2. The Nightmare Continues
3. The Final Blood Bath
4. Protest And Survive
5. I Won't Subscribe
6. Drunk With Power
7. Meanwhile
8. A Hell On Earth
9. Cries of Help
10. The Possibility Of Life's Destruction
11. Q: And children A: And Children
12. The Blood Runs Red
13. Free Speech For The Dumb
14. The End
15. Never Again
16. Death Dealers
17. Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles



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